Often The Perceived Threat Is Not The Only Threat

Criminal activity in the workplace is as much of a concern today as an unauthorized entry. A vulnerability study, or a security audit of a current system, will reveal any threats and allow our professional staff to design a security system just for your home or business.

We are dedicated to providing total deterrence and protection of property to save you time and money. Easily operated access control panels to control CCTV video sureillance, burglar and fire alarms, motion detectors, locks, intrusion detection and a variety of high-tech security hardware can blanket your workplace with security. Protect your investment!


Protect Your Home And Family

Meeting the security needs of today's lifestyle is much more complex than just a few years ago, and much more of a challenge. Parents scrambling to work, hurrying children out the door to school and then running to the numerous activities of each family member often leaves the home unattended for many hours each day. And, what about the family member who may have special medical needs? No standard security package can address the variety of lifestyles.

Camel Technologies offers custom security systems. A needs analysis identifies security risks for the installation of the most effective system available to protect your loved ones. Burglar alarms, fire and life safety, CCTV surveillance, door and window monitoring, are just a few of the security measures that can be controlled from a user-friendly control panel. Even remote control devices are available to carry throughout your residence. Nothing is more comforting than knowing your home and loved ones are continually protected.

Security Audit
Maintenance System Tests
Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

What About Cleanup?

Don't worry. Our friendly professional staff is trained to impose the least amount of disruption to your home or business, and always clean up when they leave. We know how important this is to our customers.

Last, CAMEL also provides 24-hour Emergency Services.